Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Review

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins Get Better Editorial Review

Doc McStuffins began as an animated TV series aimed at pre-school children. It first appeared in the United States on the Disney Channel in March 2012. It features six-year-old Dottie McStuffins whose mother is a doctor. Dottie runs a clinic that “fixes” dolls and stuffed animal toys. Her stuffed animal friends include Lambie, Hallie, Stuffy and Chilly that help her in her efforts and at the end of the show she gives advice to those watching her show about how to stay healthy.

As with many television shows aimed at children, this series has generated a line of toys based on the various episodes in which Doc has appeared. With the Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile kids get all the necessary supplies needed to provide on-the-go care! Kids can let their friends see they’re in a hurry with the motion-activated siren that lights-up and plays the Doc Mobile song.

The Doc Mobile is equipped with a working ladder to help toys wherever they are. There is a light and sound heart monitor, thermometer and otoscope that kids can use to give checkups right at the location and fix “injuries” sticking a bandage on the boo-boo right from the dispenser. Doc can phone in her diagnosis on the CB radio that really works, and then secure the patient for rolling rescue using the stretcher and patient seat!

For ages 3 and above. Batteries required 2 x AA (included). Contents: Doc Mobile, working ladder, a light and sound heart monitor, otoscope, thermometer, bandage sticker dispenser, a working CB radio.

The play set does NOT include Lambie or any of the other toy friends.

Additional great add-ons include the Doc McStuffins ‘Docs on Call’ pretend cell phone which is part of the “On Call” Accessory set. The kids can listen to the phone to hear phrases Doc says in her show, and can light it up and listen to ‘real phone sounds’. It is complete with a large sculpted face of Doc, sparkly accents, styling like a flip phone and a soft rubber keypad for safety.

Then check out Doc’s bag with a play thermometer, blood pressure cuff with a working gauge, syringe, otoscope, stickers, bandages and the special stethoscope Doc uses to “cure” her friends. The set lights up using three batteries which are included in the play set. This is a great gift for kids who want to play “Doc” and bring their toys back to health.

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