Lego Fusion Town Master Game Set


LEGO Fusion Town Master is a new line of blocks that together with the app open a new way to play

LEGO Fusion Town MasterLego Fusion Town Master combines the real with the virtual world using the blocks, the Fusion baseplate and the downloadable Town Master App. The app digitally captures your child’s creations in your tablet, creating a virtual town inside the app for game playing.

The game: You are the mayor and you build your town with the blocks creating 2D facades of houses, a fire station, church, shops, businesses, schools, restaurants, streets, anything a town consists of. Using your smart phone or tablet you scan the buildings into the app which places them as 3D structures into the virtual game world.

As the structures are scanned and appear in the LEGO Fusion Town Master game, animated residents move in, streets appear and the town is built. As you expand the town, your residents become more interactive. They let you know their wishes through speech bubbles and tell you what the town needs. There is a happiness gauge posted on the screen and the needle goes up as the wishes of your townspeople are fulfilled and they are happy.

Players act out missions and play games with the mini residents in the town like putting out fires, catching bad guys, walk the streets, skateboard, and much more. They earn studs (a game currency) and rewards by completing the missions. All this activity also unlocks more mini games. You, the mayor, now can purchase more necessities for the town using the studs.

The LEGO Fusion Town Master game set comes with 256 blocks in white, red, green, tan, yellow and black. The set also includes a mayor figure and start-up guide with playing instructions and ideas. The app is downloaded separately from Google Play or The App Store and comes with a free trial to experience the game.
Recommended for ages 7-12 years.
4 star rating
The Fusion game sets are new this year and will be out before the holidays. Get the LEGO Fusion Town Master here.

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